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                                 CLAY EASYmoundP A C K I N G
This deep reddish brown packing clay is ideal for quick and easy building and repairing common wear areas on pitcher’s mounds and batter’s boxes. Also available in pre-formed bricks
   Many groundskeepers initially build their batter’s boxes, catcher’s box and pitcher’s mound subsurface with unfired clay bricks. Pro Mound & Easy Mound packing clays are available in compacted, pre-formed bricks to build these wear areas.
• 75-100 bricks for pitchers mound • 60-80 bricks for each batter’s box • 30-50 bricks for catcher’s box
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   4-Wheel Line Markers (Pneumatic Tires)
• The most durable marker on the market
• 11-gauge steel frame
• 18-gauge galvanized steel bucket
• Four pneumatic tires measure 3.5”W x
• Easily adjusted to switch between 2 in. dry
lines and 4 in. dry lines
2/4-Wheel Dry Line Marker
• All Steel frame
• Heavy duty pneumatic tires
• Easily adjustable from 2” or 4” lines
1 - BBHDDM10 / 100 lb. Capacity 2 - BBHDDM50 / 50 lb. Capacity 3 - BBDLM654 / 65 lb. Capacity 4 - BBDLM252 / 25 lb. Capacity
Rain Out Drying Agent
Athletic Field Drying agent turns wet muddy wet field puddles to playable.
Pro Chalkers
Professional quality and look. Features a large capacity hopper, semi-transparent lid, and nylon brush agitator for smooth chalk flow. 2” or 4” line controlled on telescoping handle. Front string guide for accurate lines.
For the first time ever the Hilltopper Infield Mix gives you full control over how you want your field to play without interference from water. For a fast field, simply
roll the Hilltopper Infield. For
a traditional surface, use our new cutting edge spiking tool and add Hilltopper Conditioner.
Stabilizer Water Binding Technology keeps your field’s ideal moisture content window open longer. It binds water and soil particles, maintaining stability
during rain and releasing moisture into the soil when dry, providing a damp soil consistency longer.
Give the playing field at your school or sports facility a professional look with the Alumagoal Heavy-Duty 4-Wheel & 2 wheel Dry Line Marker, which allows groundskeepers to paint precise lines.
Bright White Chalk for marking lining foul lines on baseball softball fields.
• The whitest line marking chalk
available. Packaged in 50 lb. bags
with 60 bags per skid
• Conforms to all safe-use
requirements of the consumer safety act, NCAA & NFSHA official rules for athletic marking materials

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