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Road Traffic Paints water base

  • Traffic line marking highway road runway line striping paint traffic manufacturer
    TTP-1952B wb
    Regular dry, water based, Federal TTP 1952B traffic line striping paint.
  • Fast dry water based traffic line marking road highway airport paint manufacturer.
    TTP-1952E Type I
    Fast dry traffic line marking paint meets Federal Spec. TTP-1952E.
  • Federal specification fast dry durable traffic line marking water based striping paint
    TTP-1952E Type III
    Durable, High build, Fast Dry traffic line marking airport striping paint.
  • Federal specification 1952 F type traffic line airport marking water based striping paint
    TTP 1952F Type I Type III
    Federal spec fast dry road traffic line marking paint, airport lines striping.
  • low cost Water based fast traffic line marking paint directly from manufacturer.
    Economically priced, fast dry, durable traffic line marking, striping paint.
  • water based zero VOC traffic line marking striping paint for roads streets highway painting.
    Zero Volatile Organic Compounds, fast dry traffic marking, striping paint.
  • Liquid cold applied liquid water based thermoplastic traffic line marking striping paint.
    Water based, high solids, cold applied, liquid thermoplastic paint.
  • Regular dry cheap traffic line marking striping paint roads streets parking lines
    Regular dry, low price traffic line marking paint for city county use.
  • Georgia DOT approved Latex traffic line marking highway road striping paint
    Georgia DOT approved Fast dry acrylic latex traffic line marking paint.

US SPECIALTY COATINGS manufactures a whole range of water-based ( wb ) traffic line marking road paints. We use only top quality paint raw materials including top notch water-borne acrylic latex resins as our binder. From regular dry to fast dry, regular percent solids to high solids, economically priced to expensive top quality, federal specifications or state or city county grade, we have it all. We can custom formulate any grade, specification or any color.

TTP-1952B - Water-based regular dry road traffic paint meeting Federal Specification TTP-1952B. Use to mark lines-lanes on parking lots, city county roads, street lines where dry time is not critical.

TTP-1952E Type I - Fast dry road traffic paint meets Federal Specification TTP-1952E Type I. Use to paint-stripe lanes where fast dry and durability is required on parking lots, city county roads, state highways and expressway lanes.

TTP-1952E Type III - Extra Durability, formulated with special high build acrylic latex resin as fast dry road traffic paint that meets Federal Specification TTP-1952E Type III. Use to paint-stripe line-spaces-lanes where fast dry and extra durability is required on parking lots, city county roads, state highways and expressway lanes.

TECHLINE - Fast Dry, versatile, high solids, durable, economically priced traffic line marking paint.

TECHLINE ( ZERO VOC ) - Same performance as TECHLINE but specifically formulated to have 0 " ZERO " ( Volatile Organic Compounds ) which is good for the environment and user.

ECONOSTRIPE wb - Regular dry and tack free time, low priced water-based traffic line marking paint for parking lots, city county street-roads use where longer dry time is acceptable.

PLASTECH wb - Extremely high solids, extremely durable, fast dry, high build water-based traffic line marking paint which can be used as a cold applied liquid thermoplastic paint. It is specifically formulated to applied as a two coat system with drop on glass beads to equal in performance and appearance to that of hot applied solid thermoplastic traffic paints. Use in high traffic areas like crosswalks, directional arrows, stop bars, warehouse lines and aisles.

GEORGIA DOT - Tested and Approved by Georgia Department of Transportation.