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  • Road highway streets airport parking lot runway line rubber base marking striping paint
  • surface preparation pressure washing of old traffic line paint.
    Step 1, removal of old, sub standard traffic line paint.
  • old paint removal surface preparation with pressure before parking lot painting.
    Old paint removal, surface preparation with pressure washer.
  • removal of old peeling traffic line paint parking lot.
    Complete and proper removal of old peeling paint.
  • traffic paint amazon facility loading dock.
    SUPREME applied outside AMAZON facility loading dock.
  • clear sealer for traffic line marking paint.
    For better adhesion and performance, apply a clear sealer.
  • traffic paint sprayed using airless spray machines.
    SUPREME can easily be applied using airless spray machines.
  • traffic paint yellow white blue red colors.
    SUPREME is available in White, Yellow and other colors.
  • traffic paint recommended for high traffic areas.
    SUPREME is recommended for high traffic areas.
  • chlorinated rubber traffic line marking paints for asphalt concrete.
  • asphalt concrete line marking paints parking lot durable tough coatings
  • chlorinated rubber traffic line marking paint.
  • tough durable high performance parking lot road sign turn arrow paints.
  • fast dry durable solvent base fast dry parking deck line marking paint.
  • direct from manufacturer top quality bright durable traffic paint.
  • mall apartment complex shopping center parking deck line marking paints
  • high performance specially formulated highly durable parking deck line paint.
  • hospital parking deck line marking traffic paint lines.
  • durable reflective tough abrasion resistant traffic paint.
    Tough, durable, reflective, abrasion resistant traffic paint.
  • tough durable parking lot traffic line marking white yellow.
  • chlorinated rubber traffic parking lot traffic line marking paints.
  • Traffic paint solvent base chlorinated rubber in several colors.
    Supreme is available in several colors.
  • yellow solvent base one component traffic line marking parking lot paint.


Acrylic Alkyd extremely durable highway airport runway parking line paint.
Uniquely formulated this one component, fast dry, solvent based, extremely durable, tough paint that performs far better than any one component traffic paint. Its performance is equal to or exceeds that of traditional chlorinated rubber traffic paints. Use as high performance line marking striping paint for streets, roads, parking garages, highways, airport runways.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 gallon metal pails.

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Developed at its R&D facility and manufactured at its plant in Atlanta, GA this unique propriety traffic paint SUPREME is a high performance, high solids, extremely durable acrylic alkyd copolymer solvent based paint. It dries quickly to a hard, extremely durable finish even in humid cold conditions. The viscosity is adjusted to a spray consistency and is ready to use, thinning is not required or recommended. Apply Supreme with a synthetic bristle brush, synthetic roller and airless spray striping equipment designed to handle solvent based paints. SUPREME paint is designed to be applied to as much as a 30-mil wet thickness in each pass. Two passes can be applied. Glass beads can also be added for more reflectivity. Supreme can be top-coated with a clear coat for extra longevity and performance. Clean-up of striping machine and uncured paint is done with paint thinner. A Technical Coatings spec alkyd acrylic used for striping asphalt and concrete.

For parking lots, parking garages, side streets, curbs were dry time is not a issue, this grade is an excellent choice. It has good hiding power, good overage, contains high solids and low VOC;s. It contains some acetone to reduce the VOC'S. Being a solvent based paint it is flammable. It is good for most substrates, except new asphalt and freshly applied seal coating. Its exterior durability, bead retention, abrasion resistance and adhesion to substrate, is good.

Unique high performance polymer binder system coupled with tough pigment, makes it extremely durable coating.

  • Available in White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red.
  • High Solids, Acceptable VOC,
  • Good coverage. 400 lineal feet per gallon when applied 4 inch wide stripe.
  • Quick Dry times. 30 mins. to foot, 45 mins. to car traffic.
  • Can be applied with conventional airless spray machines that can handle solvent based paints.
  • Caution : Flammable, not for use on freshly applied asphalt or seal coating.
  • Available in white, yellow, black, handicap blue, green and safety red.
  • For more technical information or to PLACE an order, call us at 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473.

Available Colors

H.C. Blue

SUPREME TDS ( Technical Data Sheet )

SUPREME 2016 SDS ( Safety Data Sheet )

Custom colors requires a minimum order. Please call us at 800-278-7473 for more details.

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