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  • Epoxy traffic line marking striping highway road paint.


Epoxy traffic line marking-striping paint, two component, 100 % solids.
TCPOXY epoxy traffic marking paint is a catalyzed system to stripe extremely tough, durable, high-build, reflective, traffic road lines. The resin and the hardener components have to be mixed before application. Resin portion contains the white or yellow pigments. Both components are liquid, but free of solvents and hence referred to as 100% solids. Extremely tough durable line marking-striping paint for roads, highways, expressways, parking garages.

Priced by the gallon. Packaged in 5 or 55 gallon metal drums.

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TCPOXY is a proven two component 100% catalyzed, thermosetting, extremely durable epoxy traffic line marking paint. TCPOXY 101 is the WHITE, TCPOXY 102 is the YELLOW and TCPOXY 103 is the HARDENER. This is a propriety, original TCC formulation, manufactured by TCC at its location in Atlanta GA, since the 1980's. The resin and hardener components have to correctly and thoroughly mixed before application. It cures fast and has excellent adhesion to asphalt and concrete pavements. Application as line marking paints on highways requires a specialized spray truck that is capable of heating the resin and hardener components, metering and mixing them properly and then spray applied. Viscosity of each component is specially adjusted along with additives to achieve ease of mixing, spraying and glass bead retention.

  • Two component catalyzed coating resulting in toughness, durability and extremely good performance.
  • Flow-able liquid consistency but referred to as 100% solids because it contains NO solvents.
  • No solvents effects no shrinkage and can be application high build.
  • Excellent adhesion to Asphalt and Concrete substrates.
  • Application temperatures 40 deg. F to 110 deg F.
  • Water-weather resistant, Excellent resistance to abrasion, resistant to snow plows damage.
  • Formulated to have strong bonding properties, tensile strength, compressive strength.
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Available Colors

H.C. Blue