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  • Exterior wood stain protectant shingles fences cedar roof siding water based low VOC
Transparent Wood Stain TIOS wb
Water-based stain to rejuvenate, protect, preserve, beautify wood.
Water-based colored transparent stain that rejuvenates old, weathered, exterior wood. Designed to deeply penetrate the wood fibers-pores to enhance and highlight the wood grains. Not designed as a paint to build-up and completely hide the aesthetically pleasing character of wood. Protection of exterior wood from harmful effects of UV Sunlight, rain, mildew, etc with special blend of water-based acrylic polymer and transparent mineral pigments.
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Formulated by USSC at its R&D and manufacturing facility in Alpharetta GA, this unique product is a water-based product to rejuvenate, protect and beautify exterior unpainted wood surfaces. It is very different from conventional solid color wood coatings or stains. Exterior wood substrates will dry, degrade and fall apart with exposure exterior elements like UV light, rain and constant weathering. These damaged wood substrates can be rejuvenated with this product TIOSwb rather than be replaced. This unique formulation product leaves an almost transparent protective film that not only rejuvenates and protects but also highlights the natural grain and character of the underlying wood substrates.

  • Water-based. Non-flammable. Low odor. Easy to apply. Use on new or old wood.
  • Available in several standard and custom colors. Very low VOC's ( Volatile Organic Compounds )
  • Just apply the product and let it soak in wood substrate. Prevents Mildew and algae growth.
  • Coverage is 150-400 square feet per gallon depends on wood porosity. Prevents water absorption in wood.
  • Can be applied using brush, roller or spray. Cover vegetation to protect from over-spray. Clean-up with water.
  • Use on decks, fencing, siding, log homes, outdoor furniture, railroad ties, shakes, shingles, shutters, windows.
  • Designed to soak-penetrate the wood substrate even when applied in excess. Unsoaked product can be dabbed off.
  • Special acrylic polymer resins penetrate the fibers and pores of wood for long term protection and water-proofing.
  • UV resistant pigments-minerals highlight the wood grains and protect against further UV sunlight damage.
  • Even after several years use it will not peel. Easy to re-coat, just pressure wash and re-apply.
  • Please refer to the MSDS ( Material Safety Data Sheet ) SDS and TDS ( Technical Data Sheet ) for more information.
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