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  • Siliconized elastic tough water resistant heat reflective metal roof coating painting


Extremely Durable heat reflective energy saving, flexible roof coating.
Specially formulated roof coating that cures to a mastic rubber-like polymer coating that expands and contracts over 300% elongation to prevent cracking, water seepage and roof damage. The silicone enhancement offers unbeatable waterproof protection and long term life. It provides a highly protective barrier which reflects the sun’s heat and destructive UV rays performing good insulation and providing substantial energy savings.
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High performance, high solids, water-based top quality, easy to use, elastomeric roof coating. Fortified with silicone to enhance durability and flexibility. Its ability to reflect and insulate Sun's heat and deflect harmful high energy UV rays contributes to substantially cool roof surfaces that contributes to significantly reduce interior building temperatures and effectively reducing cooling costs.

  • Good elongation and durability, fortified with silicone polymeric resin.
  • Forms Good bond with polyurethane foam that is sprayed on roofs.
  • Use on build-up roofs, metal roofs, mobile RV roofs, corrugated metal roofs.
  • Can be applied on properly prepared previously painted roofs with asphalt, tar or aluminum paint.
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