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Aluminum Roof Coating to repair protect roofs, reflect suns UV heat.
Energy saving aluminum pigment based roof coating. Easy to apply, will seal hairline cracks, pinholes, nail heads to provide water and weather protection for roofs. Its highly reflective and smooth surface will reflect up to 60% of the suns heat and UV rays to provide insulation resulting in substantial reduction of inside building - warehouse temperatures.

Available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon or 55 gallon drums.

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Specially formulated roof coating that contains top quality aluminum pigments and high grade asphalt for optimum performance. This combination dries to form a very tough, smooth, water-resistant shield like coating that reflects the heat from the sun and the harmful UV energy that can easily destroy normal coatings. This roof coating will not only protect the roof substrate but will insulate and substantially reduce the inside building temperature.

  • Contains top grade aluminum pigments for heat reflection and insulation.
  • Good quality asphalt for water proofing and flexibility.
  • Combination of the aluminum and asphalt makes it an excellent insulation coating.
  • Formulation optimized for Energy savings. Reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Easy to use. Will seal fine cracks, water-proof screw / nail heads, stop and prevent leaks.
  • Ideal for home and commercial roofs, warehouses, garages, RV's, Silos, grain bins, flat metal roofs.
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