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  • Cleaner de grease kill odors odor control synthetic turf field clean athletic fields.

TurfDefender-CLEANER 42

USDA approved, cleaner, deodorizer for synthetic turf sports fields.
Specially formulated cleaner, degreaser, deodorizer that is low foaming, safe for the user, the environment and safe for use on synthetic turf athletic fields. Concentrated, has to be diluted. Even after dilution is very effective and leaves a fresh fragrance on the substrate. It does not contain harsh cleaning chemicals like caustic soda or solvents like butyl cellosolve. Meets USDA use requirements.

Quart bottles, Gallon bottles, Five gallon buckets.

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CLEANER 42 is a concentrated degreaser, cleaner, deodorizer, recommended for use on synthetic turf athletic sports fields. It can be diluted as low as 2 ounces per gallon or ( or 2 parts of Cleaner to 128 parts of water ) and still be effective. Dilution with hot water will improve cleaning results and reduce time and effort required. Contains no harsh chemical like caustic soda or harmful solvents like butyl cellosolve. Safe for use on synthetic turf and meets USDA criteria for use with incidental food contact. CLEANER 42 can be sprayed, brushed or mopped on surfaces to be cleaned. Can be sprayed with a pump sprayer or a ride on sprayer on athletic fields. Allow to soak for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

  • Safe for the user, environment, synthetic field turf. Meets USDA requirements.
  • Concentrated formula, Can be used as low as 2 ounces per gallon.
  • Works as a effective cleaner, de-greaser, de-odorizer.
  • Meets USDA criteria for incidental food contact.
  • Contains NO harmful or corrosive chemicals like caustic soda.
  • Contains NO harsh solvents like butyl cellosolve.
  • Can be brushed, moped, sprayed using a pump-up or ride-on sprayer.
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Appearance Light green Liquid
Scent Fresh
pH 12.5 - 13.5
Water Solubility Complete
Viscosity @ 25°C Water Thin
Weight 8.75 lbs. per gallon.



  • Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields
  • Locker Rooms, Weight Rooms
  • Shoulder Pads, Equipments
  • Education
  • Healthcare