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  • Anti virus anti bacteria disinfectant mildew fungus killer for synthetic athletic field turf.
  • Kills bacteria virus microbes odor on synthetic turf artificial grass sports fields.
    Can be sprayed on synthetic turf fields with ride-on sprayer.
  • stops controls inhibits growth kills virus germs odor causing bacteria.
    Inhibits the growth of virus, germs, odor causing bacteria.
  • stop inhibit growth of viruses bacteria odor causing bacteria on indoor outdoor synthetic turf fields.
    Inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria odor on synthetic turf fields.
  • Kill control bad odor germs contageous virus bacteria in sports athletic locker rooms.
    Control odor, germs, bacteria, virus, mildew in locker rooms.
  • Mist spray sports locker room facility to kill odor bacteria virus mold mildew
    Control odor, stop bacteria virus growth with mist in locker rooms.
  • Prevents inhibits stops virus bacteria growth on sports mats locker weight room equipment.
    Prevents bacteria virus growth on sports mats and equipment.

TurfDefender-BIOPROTECT 77

EPA registered, inhibits growth of virus bacteria mold on synthetic turf fields.
EPA registered, safe, bio-degradable, water-based, easy to use product that inhibits growth of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi spores, bad odors causing microbes on synthetic turf fields. BIOPROTECT 77 reacts with the surfaces of microscopic bio-orgasm's forming a impervious layer so that nutrients the cell needs cannot pass through, punctures the cell walls in-effect killing, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, germs, etc on synthetic turf artificial grass sports fields.
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BIOPROTECT 77 is odorless, water-based, safe, non-toxic, naturally occurring molecule that forms an invisible anti-microbial shield inhibiting the growth of harmful and foul odor causing microbes, germs, bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. It does not leave any soap scum or residue. It does not wash off and its efficacy is not reduced by any kind of leaching mechanism and providing antimicrobial protection for a minimum of ninety (90) days. Before application of BIOPROTECT 77 all surfaces must be cleaned, de-greased, disinfected with either TurfDefender Cleaner 42 or Disinfectant 44 or Disinfectant N601. BIOPROTECT 77 is a concentrated products. Dilute 1 gallons of product with 4 gallons of water. 16 ounces will over 200 square feet, 1 gallon will cover 1500 square feet, 5 gallons will cover 7500 square feet. To protect a regulation size Football field 10 gallons of BIOPROTECT 77 is needed. During application follow label instructions. Use pump up sprayer or ride on spray equipment. Apply a consistent uniform thickness spray pattern. Being water-based it will dry in about 5 minutes.

  • EPA registered, USDA approved, patented chemistry to control microbes, virus, bacteria growth.
  • Naturally occurring active ingredient, Safe, water-based, non-toxic, effective. kills bad odors.
  • Kills 99% of Germs, Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew for at least 90 days.
  • Safe for use on synthetic turf, artificial grass athletic sports fields.
  • Effective on sports apparel, sports equipment, locker rooms, mats, bathroom showers.
  • 10 gallons of BIOPROTECT 77 concentrate will protect 1 regulation size synthetic turf football field.
  • Effective on floors, walls, sports gear fabrics, sports equipment, locker rooms, bathroom showers.
  • Once dry the microscopic germicidal film will not wash-off wear off for a long time.
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  • Synthetic Turf / Artificial plastic grass Athletic Fields.
  • Athletic Apparel, Athletic Equipment, Locker Rooms, Floor Mats, Carpets, Shower walls.
  • Athletic facilities, health club, training facilities, carpets, mats, floors, equipment and furniture.
  • Professional apparel and equipment.
  • Home / commercial textiles and furnishings.
  • Anti-bacteria, anti-virus, odor control treatment for reconditioning apparel and equipment.