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  • Plastic sockets markers permanent foam wedge in ground soccer field.
  • Positions of permanent ground markers on soccer fields.
    Positions of permanent ground markers on soccer fields.
  • Install soccer field ground markers using auger.
    Auger to install the ground markers is included in the kit.
  • install soccer field ground markers permanent sockets.
    Attach the auger to a drill to make holes to install markers.
  • insert markers using auger drill.
    Dig holes about 6 inches deep to insert the foam markers.
  • soccer field foam markers layout refrence points.
    Slide the wing anchors through the slits in the foam markers.
  • soccer field permanent foam ground markers.
    Wings on the foam markers keeps them anchored in place.
  • install ground markers in soccer fields.
    Push the foam SF ground markers in the dug holes.
  • foam winged ground marker
    Top view of the winged foam permanent ground marker.
  • installation soccer field ground layout markers.
    Installation of foam soccer field ground markers in-progress.
  • marker flush to ground level,
    Properly installed foam marker is flush to ground level.
  • installing soccer field permanent markers
    After properly installing the foam markers, install a nail in it.
  • guide string attached to soccer field ground marker.
    Loop the guide string around the nail secured in the marker.
  • guide string painting straight lines soccer fields.
    Use the guide string-line for painting lines on soccer fields.
  • Painting straight lines of soccer field using layout kit.
    Painting of straight lines using the SF soccer field layout kit.
  • Ground plastic markers sockets to paint line mark stripe soccer fields.

SM 25 permanent soccer markers

Ground sockets with foam anchors layout system for soccer fields.
Permanent Ground Soccer field layout and marking system that contains special foam anchors that wedge markers in place so that installed markers will not " back up " from the ground due to sprinkler, rain or temperature changes. Drive the rugged plastic locators into the ground at key field positions on the soccer field. Then attach the supplied string line to the locators and stripe your field. The markers stay permanently in place so you can precisely and easily remark your field year after year, or when lines get faded or when lines get crooked during the season.

$ 95 per kit

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  • SM ground marker system contains special foam anchors that permanently wedge markers in-ground.
  • SM markers / locators are safe. They have no open holes to catch soccer player's shoe cleats or fill with dirt and debris.
  • SM makers are easy to install. Simply locate or measure to determine your soccer field corners and other key layout points.
  • Mark the key points you want the markers installed and use starter tool to make hole and insert the SM markers.
  • Once all the SM markers are installed, your soccer field is now ready to be quickly relined year after year.
  • Easy to use, Just attach the guide cord between the locators and start striping your soccer field.
  • SF unique one-piece design eliminates any additional pegs or plugs to loose or forget.
  • Indestructible – Made from super tough nylon the SM layout marker system will last for years.
  • Quality – Proudly made in the USA, backed by a 18 month limited warranty.
  • Convenient – Kits available for All Sports: Football, Soccer, Baseball They come complete with starting tool and 600 feet of high-grade cord.
  • Inexpensive – Compared to other available products you will save 40 percent or more.
  • Set Includes: 25 Markers, installation starter tool, and 600 feet of layout twine needed to layout soccer fields.
  • Have any further questions or to place an order please call us toll free at 1-800-278-7473 or 1-800-2-STRIPE.

Soccer Markers Diagram